TV2 in Denmark has gone rechargeable

Leading up to the European Football Championships, Jakob Refer got his wish come through. During the tournament his employer, TV2 in Denmark, decided to use rechargeable batteries in their studios. And the results led to a significant change in the company.
– Today we use almost exclusively rechargeable batteries in all our productions, said Jakob Refer.

“I retired the whole nation of Denmark”, said Swedish footballer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic in typical Zlatan style, just minutes after Sweden knocked out Denmark to reach the European Championship. But about the same time, Jakob Refer, a sound technician working at the tv station TV2 Denmark, could himself bask in some personal glory. Just weeks before the football tournament started, Jakob Refer, had grown an interest in rechargeable batteries and managed to persuade his bosses on TV2 to convert from single use batteries to rechargeable batteries for a test period.

– I started to compare batteries from different manufacturers. I had some contact with an old German friend of mine who told me that rechargeable batteries is now just as good if not better than single use batteries. This was all a kind of a side project for me at the tv station. But it all ended in that we decided to try rechargeable batteries for a limited time during the European Championship, said Refer.

Jakob Refer managed to persuade TV2

The testing period resulted in a change of mind at the company. Since the year of 2016, TV2 in Denmark has gradually replaced all single use batteries with rechearchables. In the end of last year, Jakob Refer decided to do an additional test comparing GP ReCyko Everyday 2 600 mAh batteries with other similar batteries from different brands. The testing involved recharging the batteries 50 times using 1 000 mAh of power consumption. He analyzed the batteries performance continuously.

– The word was that Ikea had the best rechargeable battery when it comes to both price and performance. I got a little bit curious and decided to put it to test along with GP ReCyko and some other brands as well. After 50 times of recharging, I could see that the batteries from GP performed the best. I value performance most of all, and then I look at the price of the product. Combined I decided that GP were the worthy winner of the test, said Jakob Refer.

He showed the test results to his employer and they chose to invest in 400 ReCyko Everyday batteries. Now, all the studio equipment such as microphones, earpieces and other wireless units are run on GP rechargeable batteries.

– The response over all has been very good. My employer is very satisfied with the transition into rechargeable batteries. I think many other companies are ready to make this change, because the new standard should be rechargeable batteries, said Refer.